Removals for Students

Many university students and individuals who are intending to go home choose to hire student removal companies to do the packing and moving for them. The term student removal companies is coined based on the fact that when students are to move from one city to another, the amount of the load isn’t as much as those of an average family. Thus, for a smaller scale move, it’s a good idea to use the services of student removal firms. Here are some great tips and ideas about the best way to save money and time when using student house moving companies.

If you’re going together with a buddy, make an effort to arrange it so that you share the payment with your buddy in an excursion in an identical van. Nevertheless, be considerate to the workmen, as student removal companies generally provide two or three workmen. Being considerate here means that if you mean to share with a buddy who lives in another block or place the thought is not going to work as the workmen must go a greater distance.

In case you are sharing with a friend from another block or region, it’s best that the both of you work together to collect everything in one pick up point to conserve money and time. Make sure you clearly mark the cartons as well with your names should you not wish to be mistaken later on. Decide a point that’s suitable for you, your buddy, and among the local student removal companies.

Make sure you get prepared if you are going to go and be as organized as possible. The more excursions, the more you need to pay. So it’s a good idea to be really organized and begin boxing up your stuff. You can readily get cartons from departmental shops. Make sure you have the capacity to fit as much in as possible, ensuring that one excursion is enough to transfer all your stuff.

A good moving company will let a couple of individuals to tag together with the moving van. Make sure you determine before on who’s going to follow the van. Determine before on as well the most appropriate drop off area that these student removal companies can send the items to.

Eventually, all you need to do to save money is to ‘save’ time. Recall, the additional time you use, the more you pay. Always ensure you shop around and get the best quote you can potentially get from student removal companies.

Some Helpful Removals Tips

  • Spend some time telephoning around: There’s an element of chance in locating a van going your way.
  • Be as flexible as possible with your date – perhaps you can organise someone at your destination to get your property.
  • Attempt to locate your own partner who’s also going your way, and strategy a moving company with a combined proposal.
  • Use common sense to make certain the job is straightforward and perform for the remover
  • Cease and consider the amount of your move – because moves are usually ordered before you’ve packaged, individuals own approximations in many cases are vague, typically undervalued, and occasionally the real occupation bears little relationship to that described.
  • Bundle and carton as much as possible, for fast loading, protection, simple trolleying, and safe, ample stacking on the van.
  • Contemplate any likely impediments to accessibility or delivery (like fast obstacles on campus)
  • Offer all the assurances needed about having your things readily reachable so you are prepared to go before the van arrives.

You should insure your property – against larceny, and entire loss or destruction. You should acquire information about the companies cover (speak to a student insurance specialist). If a remover insists you purchase insurance from them locate another business. Why? – Consider this: if a removals company is acting as an agent for an insurance company, he cannot let his business become a funnel for claims. The remover will himself appear a terrible danger and be uninsurable. Not only that, but the remover will be contractually obliged not to admit liability on behalf of the insurance company (like in motor insurance). The removals company may therefore be an impediment to your claim. That’s not to say that removers aren’t themselves covered by their own insurance: – as a minimum they’ll have public liability cover.Shield yourself with an independent coverage in your name.

Your money is well spent on appropriate packaging and packing. Most breakages are caused by a deficiency of, or insufficient packaging of belongings. If you do not package your items suitable you may run into trouble with breakages.

When you’ve consented a set and delivery kind of organization (rather than a packing service), then the mover will have no additional obligation beyond loading your property as it’s presented to him.

Thus,to help start you thinking about packaging for any move that you just might be intending, here are a number of common examples of horrible packing that you want to avoid!

  • Kitchen crockery and glass piled up in an open carton will rattle, tremble and break!
  • Stereos and computers covered by bin liners – the worst of both worlds – not only are these things not shielded, but the mover cannot see what’s being managed.
  • Picture glass protected with bubble wrap – is shielded from nothing. You must cover picture glass with cardboard like a flattened carton
  • Clothing and bedding stuffed into a single and likely open bin bag – they always tear. If you must double up the bags and leave room to tie them up. Cartons are much better.
  • Publications, paperwork and vinyl in big cartons that weight nearly as much as a piano – A 12 bottle wine box is the maximum size.

Package cartons tidily so they shut flat (with nothing poking out) for piling. Keep the weight manageable. Mark them clearly with your address and contact numbers. Package as much as you can and amount the boxes so you (or the receiver) will have the capacity to check that everything has arrived. Have a successful move!

Southampton is a big university city and there are student removals happening all the time, so when moving a student try a local removals Southampton company.




My Favourite Meal and Why


Food selection means eating a broad number of meals from each one of the five food groups, within the amounts recommended. Consuming a variety of meals helps preserve a healthier and fascinating diet which supplies a variety of various vitamins towards the body. Consuming a number of meals encourages a healthy body and certainly will reduce the chance of illness.

How can healthy eating influence psychological and psychological health?

All of us realize that eating right might help you sustain a healthy and prevent particular health issues, your diet may also possess a serious impact on your feeling and feeling of wellness. Reports have associated eating an average American diet—filled with prepared foods, packed foods, takeout food, and sweet snacks—with greater prices of despair, tension, bipolar disorder, and panic. Consuming an unhealthy diet might even may play a role within the improvement of mental health problems for example ADHD, Alzheimer’s illness, and schizophrenia, or within the elevated threat of destruction in young adults.

Consuming more fruits and greens, cooking foods in the home, and lowering your consumption of sugar and refined sugars, about the other hand, might help to enhance mood and decrease your chance for mental health issues. When you have been already identified as having a mental health condition, eating well-can actually help handle your signs and restore control of the life.

Though some particular meals or vitamins have already been proven to possess a useful impact on feeling, it’s your general nutritional routine that’s most significant. Which means changing to some nutritious diet doesn’t need to be an all-or-nothing proposition. You don’t need to be ideal and you also don’t need to totally remove ingredients you appreciate to truly have a nutritious diet and really make a difference towards the method you believe and experience.

Five major food groups

The five food groups are:

  1. vegetables and legumes/beans
  2. fruit
  3. Lean meats and chicken, seafood, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds, legumes/beans
  4. Grain (cereal) meals, mainly wholegrain and/or large cereal fibre varieties
  5. Dairy, yogurt, cheese and/or options, mainly reduced fat.

Meals are grouped together simply because they offer comparable levels of important nutrients. For instance, important nutrients of the dairy, yogurt, cheese and options team contain calcium and protein, as the fruit team is a great supply of supplements, particularly vitamin C. These food organizations constitute the Foreign Information to Healthy Eating.

Select a number of foods

Consuming a diverse, well balanced diet means consuming a number of meals from each food groups daily, within the proposed amounts. It’s also very important to select a number of meals from within each food-group since various meals supply different kinds and levels of important nutrients. Selecting a number of meals will create meals fascinating, so you don’t get tired of your diet plan.

Occasional meals

Some meals don’t squeeze into the five food groups since they’re not essential for a healthier diet. These meals are named ‘discretionary choices’ plus they must just be consumed occasionally. They are usually excessive in either power (kilojoules), saturated fat, extra sugars, additional sodium or liquor, and also have reduced degrees of essential nutrients like fibre.

Types of ‘discretionary choices’ or periodic meals are:

  • sweet biscuits, cakes, desserts and pastries
  • processed meats and fattier/salty sausages, savoury pastries and pies, commercial burgers with a high fat and/or salt content
  • sweetened condensed milk
  • ice cream and other ice confections
  • confectionary and chocolate
  • commercially fried foods
  • potato chips, crisps and other fatty and/or salty snack foods including some savoury biscuits
  • cream, butter and spreads which are high in saturated fats
  • sugar-sweetened soft drinks and cordials, sports and energy drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Small allowance for healthy fats

Unsaturated fats are an essential section of a healthier diet. Both primary kinds of unsaturated fats are monounsaturated fats (present in olive and canola oil, avocados, cashews and almonds) and polyunsaturated fats like omega3 fats (present in fatty fish) and omega6 fats (present in safflower and soybean oil and Brazil nuts). These fats might help decrease the threat of cardiovascular disease and lower cholesterol levels once they change fatty foods within the diet. The Australian Dietary Recommendations incorporate a little allocation for healthy fats every day (around 1–2 tablespoons for people and less for kids). The easiest way to incorporate healthy fats in what you eat would be to change saturated fat that you might presently be eating (for example butter and product) having a healthier, unsaturated fat choice (for example polyunsaturated margarine or coconut oil).

Range from the five food groups in what you eat

It’s easy to incorporate ingredients in the five food groups into snacks and foods. Some recommendations include:

Vegetables and legumes – natural or prepared greens may be used like a treats or like a section of meal. Salad greens may be used like a sandwich filling. Vegetable soup could make a healthier meal. Stir fries, vegetable patties and vegetable curries create healthy evening meals. Try organic veggies like carrot and celery sticks to get a treat ‘on the run’.

Fruit – that is convenient to carry like a treat and certainly will be contained in many foods. For instance, here is another strawberry together with your breakfast cereal, an apple for day tea and then add fruits inside your yogurt for a day snack. New whole fruit is preferred over fruit juice and dried fruit. Juice contains less fibre than fresh fruit and equally fruit juice and dry fruit, and therefore are more concentrated resources of sugar and power. Dry fruit may also stay glued to teeth, which could boost the threat of dental caries.

Bread, cereals, rice, pasta and noodles – include rice, dinner or crackers to acts of protein and greens for an all-round dinner. There are lots of types of these to test. Where feasible, attempt to use wholegrains in breads and cereals.

Lean beef, seafood, chicken, eggs, almonds, beans and tofu – these may all supply protein. It’s simple to incorporate a combination of protein into snacks and foods. Try incorporating lean beef for your meal or possess a number of almonds like a treat. You may also include beans to sauces or soups for a dinner.

Dairy, yogurt and cheese – try putting yogurt to breakfast cereal with milk, or utilizing cottage cheese like a sandwich filling. Particles of parmesan or cheddar may be used to top steamed greens or perhaps a salad. Use mainly reduced fat products.

Items to remember

Consuming a broad number of well balanced meals encourages a healthy body and helps you to drive back chronic illness.

Consuming a diverse, well balanced diet means consuming a number of meals from each one of the five food groups daily, within the proposed amounts.

It’s also very important to select a number of meals from within each food-group.

Remember to stay healthy!

Tips to take care of your garden/yard

A garden that is neglected as time passes by can become a nuance for you and your visitors. With time you just lose the motivation to even fix your garden at all because it’s already so far gone (in your eyes). The more time you let pass by you, the more tasks you will need to do.

For example: you will need to take care of the weeds, get rid of the plants that have died, if you have trees you might need to start trimming or taking them down entirely depending on what your plan for the garden is, you will need to take care of the soil and pick up all the trash and things that you’ve left lying around forgotten somewhere.

As you can see there is a long list of tasks necessary for a garden regain its splendor: the first and essential is to remove weeds that can be removed and root balling or adding herbicide to the soil. Then you also have to keep the soil in good condition, therefore, it’s recommended that you add a layer of compost or rich soil, then check that the drain works to avoid puddling the soil each time you shower or it rains.

When it comes to the trees, you might need to rent trimming equipment or someone to do it for you professionally. Once you’ve managed to control your trees and taller bushes, you will need to maintain the grass low. This is undoubtedly one of the most important things to look after while tending a garden.

Choose your plants and flowers carefully, you don’t want a garden that blooms all at the same time (imagine cleaning that up). Also, depending on the garden you’re working on it will depend the type of plants, trees and bushes you’ll buy. If you are seeking a decorative garden/yard, you might want to avoid plants that yield fruits. (Nothing decorative about the smell of rotting fruit once it’s fallen off the tree.)

Finally, if the structures that separate the garden are worn or spoilage is visible, it’s best to re-paint, if they are wooden walls it is advisable to sand it first and give it a fresh coat of varnish, so they look as good as new. If you have anything made of metal, don’t forget to apply an antioxidant before painting or decorating them.

Dealing with pests (ants) while plumbing


In DIY in my opinion you find loads of issues and it is all about being a problem solver as you begin with a problem quite often or if not sometimes you can create a bigger problem. Often this is DIY related purely, you can start to fix a water leak and make it worse and then have to deal with it quickly or start a project and make a mistake.

These can only be overcome by practice and experience, and you can only get that over time. So get on fellow DIY’ers and make those mistakes and learn.

I will give you an example, I went to visit a friend in California, a friend who I have known for many years. And we were working on his plumbing in the basement, when we found an enormous mound of ants; mound is the best word I can think of as there were thousands.

We had a little problem and they were little biters the little chaps and not happy we were there in their world.  We were trying to fix a plumbing issue, which was basically trying to find where the water pressure was going, so I wanted to look all over the house to trace the pipes and this led me to the basement. And I am glad we did as these ants were eating his house, they had gnawed through a lot of old wood and were happily building a kingdom or rather Queendom !!

So basically we had to call a pest control company out and we found one and they were great, arrived quickly and dealt with them quite quickly and have been back once to finish the job and make sure they would not return.

These pests were amazing, and needed a lot of work to get rid of them.

So back to the plumbing…




Electricity creates heat and wires get hot and can get very hot if a lot of electricity is passing through the wires and anything connected to the electrical wires can melt. And much more dangerous, it can cause a fire.

A great safety feature of an electrical system is the good old fuse. It is very simple yet can and does protect your entire home from many potential issues, fire being one of them. Basically a fuse is a very thin wire inside a glass container, connected at both ends to a metal end that connects to the electrical supply via a plug or fuse box generally.

The electrical supply passes through the fuse, it has no choice and does so to power an appliance, once it has gone through the power cable. If the fuse wire gets too hot it simply gives up and melts and therefore prevents the electricity from flowing through to the appliance, which is exactly what you want to happen, thus preventing overheating and a potential fire. This is very much like taking the plug out, a great safety feature.

So basically if there is a flow of power that is too much due to a fault in the mains or a surge of power, the fuse wire will melt and prevent the appliance being damaged and importantly ensuring it does not catch fire. And also this protects the user as power is cut immediately.

Each different fuse has a different amp rating, this rating shows the amount of electricity the fuse will allow before it melts and stops working. All of the appliances will have an amp rating that needs to be matched with the right fuse in your plug. Placing a fuse with a higher rating in a plug is not a good idea as it will allow too much electricity to go through before it melts and could cause permanent damage to your appliance.

Fuses must be replaces once they melt as they render your appliance useless as they are not able to allow electricity through to the appliance any more. Therefore if an appliance does not work anymore, it is good practice to unplug it and have a look at the fuse is ok. If in doubt replace the fuse. It is normally obvious that a fuse has melted or blown as there is a black residue in the fuse itself. If you notice any black residue, it is always better to replace it.

If a fuse continues to stop working after being replaced, It is good practice to get the advice of an electrician as it probably means there is a bigger issue with your electrical system.

In your plug there is a fuse, make sure you unplug your appliance before you do any checking of the plug or do any electrical fault finding. Then using a screwdriver, unscrew the plug’s main screw and remove the top. You will see the fuse in a copper bracket. Carefully ease the fuse out and replace it with a new fuse. Place the plug top back and screw it back on. And then plug it in again to see if you have fixed the problem.







Bathroom projects can be complicated things to do and normally involve a professional, although some can be achieved without a plumber.

Here is a list of 10 DIY bathroom projects.

  1. Change the lighting.
  2. Change to a pedestal to increase space.
  3. Replace bath with walk in shower.
  4.  Convert to a dual flush toilet.
  5. Get creative with storage.
  6. Add a towel heater.
  7. Add nightlights to the kickboard under the sink.
  8. Retile the shower.
  9. Add a vessel sink.
  10. Use furniture to integrate ideas.


Change the lighting

New lighting gives the room a nice fresh look. There are many different lighting ideas that can turn a bathroom into a beautiful place to be in.

Change to a pedestal to increase space

In a smaller bathroom a pedestal sink opens up the space, making the appearance seem bigger. Pedestal basins have some great designs these days, have a look at some pictures online.

Replace bath with walk in shower

A walk in shower is a real stunner and has a lot of wow factor. And if you are not into a bath, it is worth some thought.

 Convert to a dual flush toilet

A dual flush toilet gives you better water usage and therefore more economical.

Get creative with storage

As ever there are hundreds of ideas for storage, either you make something to be unique or you buy some.

Add a towel heater

Great idea for warmth of the room and the towels and they can look sexy too.

Add nightlights to the kickboard under the sink

Another big wow factor and easy to do.

Retile the shower

New tiles add a great look and there are so many these days that look so cool.

Add a vessel sink

This adds a lot of elegance and class to a bathroom.

Use furniture to integrate ideas

Integrate a butchers block to house your sink – looks great!!

DIY Blog


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Check out my latest page on fuses, very useful stuff as they prevent a lot of damage and potentially fires.