Bathroom projects can be complicated things to do and normally involve a professional, although some can be achieved without a plumber.

Here is a list of 10 DIY bathroom projects.

  1. Change the lighting.
  2. Change to a pedestal to increase space.
  3. Replace bath with walk in shower.
  4.  Convert to a dual flush toilet.
  5. Get creative with storage.
  6. Add a towel heater.
  7. Add nightlights to the kickboard under the sink.
  8. Retile the shower.
  9. Add a vessel sink.
  10. Use furniture to integrate ideas.


Change the lighting

New lighting gives the room a nice fresh look. There are many different lighting ideas that can turn a bathroom into a beautiful place to be in.

Change to a pedestal to increase space

In a smaller bathroom a pedestal sink opens up the space, making the appearance seem bigger. Pedestal basins have some great designs these days, have a look at some pictures online.

Replace bath with walk in shower

A walk in shower is a real stunner and has a lot of wow factor. And if you are not into a bath, it is worth some thought.

 Convert to a dual flush toilet

A dual flush toilet gives you better water usage and therefore more economical.

Get creative with storage

As ever there are hundreds of ideas for storage, either you make something to be unique or you buy some.

Add a towel heater

Great idea for warmth of the room and the towels and they can look sexy too.

Add nightlights to the kickboard under the sink

Another big wow factor and easy to do.

Retile the shower

New tiles add a great look and there are so many these days that look so cool.

Add a vessel sink

This adds a lot of elegance and class to a bathroom.

Use furniture to integrate ideas

Integrate a butchers block to house your sink – looks great!!

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