Dealing with pests (ants) while plumbing


In DIY in my opinion you find loads of issues and it is all about being a problem solver as you begin with a problem quite often or if not sometimes you can create a bigger problem. Often this is DIY related purely, you can start to fix a water leak and make it worse and then have to deal with it quickly or start a project and make a mistake.

These can only be overcome by practice and experience, and you can only get that over time. So get on fellow DIY’ers and make those mistakes and learn.

I will give you an example, I went to visit a friend in California, a friend who I have known for many years. And we were working on his plumbing in the basement, when we found an enormous mound of ants; mound is the best word I can think of as there were thousands.

We had a little problem and they were little biters the little chaps and not happy we were there in their world.  We were trying to fix a plumbing issue, which was basically trying to find where the water pressure was going, so I wanted to look all over the house to trace the pipes and this led me to the basement. And I am glad we did as these ants were eating his house, they had gnawed through a lot of old wood and were happily building a kingdom or rather Queendom !!

So basically we had to call a pest control company out and we found one and they were great, arrived quickly and dealt with them quite quickly and have been back once to finish the job and make sure they would not return.

These pests were amazing, and needed a lot of work to get rid of them.

So back to the plumbing…


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