Tips to take care of your garden/yard

A garden that is neglected as time passes by can become a nuance for you and your visitors. With time you just lose the motivation to even fix your garden at all because it’s already so far gone (in your eyes). The more time you let pass by you, the more tasks you will need to do.

For example: you will need to take care of the weeds, get rid of the plants that have died, if you have trees you might need to start trimming or taking them down entirely depending on what your plan for the garden is, you will need to take care of the soil and pick up all the trash and things that you’ve left lying around forgotten somewhere.

As you can see there is a long list of tasks necessary for a garden regain its splendor: the first and essential is to remove weeds that can be removed and root balling or adding herbicide to the soil. Then you also have to keep the soil in good condition, therefore, it’s recommended that you add a layer of compost or rich soil, then check that the drain works to avoid puddling the soil each time you shower or it rains.

When it comes to the trees, you might need to rent trimming equipment or someone to do it for you professionally. Once you’ve managed to control your trees and taller bushes, you will need to maintain the grass low. This is undoubtedly one of the most important things to look after while tending a garden.

Choose your plants and flowers carefully, you don’t want a garden that blooms all at the same time (imagine cleaning that up). Also, depending on the garden you’re working on it will depend the type of plants, trees and bushes you’ll buy. If you are seeking a decorative garden/yard, you might want to avoid plants that yield fruits. (Nothing decorative about the smell of rotting fruit once it’s fallen off the tree.)

Finally, if the structures that separate the garden are worn or spoilage is visible, it’s best to re-paint, if they are wooden walls it is advisable to sand it first and give it a fresh coat of varnish, so they look as good as new. If you have anything made of metal, don’t forget to apply an antioxidant before painting or decorating them.

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